Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal Cord Simulator Pre-surgical Psychological Evaluations

What is it?

Pre-surgical psychological evaluations for spinal cord stimulator ensure long term success for patients and are required by insurance companies and surgeons. We provide high quality comprehensive mental health assessments for pre-surgical patients in order to ensure patients are appropriate candidates for SCS surgery. The primary goal of the evaluation is to increase the chances of successful surgery.

Children Laughing
Children Laughing

Why Us?

We have 20 years of experience working with pre-surgical patients. We help patients understand the challenges and opportunities related to surgery and prepare each patient to be successful. We service the entire state of Arizona through telehealth services.

The Assessment Process

The assessment process involves a one-on-one clinical interview with a licensed psychologist via telehealth. The interview will cover motivation for surgery, expectations from the surgery, social support systems, mental health history, and any barriers that may prevent wellness. Patients will be asked to complete three psychological inventories in addition to their intake packet. A formal report is compiled and submitted to the surgeon’s office. With patients’ permission, we may consult with their surgeon and other medical providers. If there are any areas of concerns, patients will be informed and a treatment plan will be developed to help them attain their goals. Each patient will be offered suggestions to make the required life adjustments for both pre and post operative care so that each patient is as successful as possible.

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